Increase the political, social, educational and economic strength of Latinas and Latinos.


Transform the political, social, educational and economic landscape in Colorado by increasing Latino participation and awareness in the electoral process, and educating and mobilizing the community on vital issues.


In 2009, a diverse group of 90 Latino leaders from across the state came together and established an official 501(c)(4) organization called the Colorado Latino Forum.

In 2010, the organization hired its first executive director, began working on key issues that impact the Latino community and developed standing committees to strengthen the role of the organization.

In 2011, the CLF was very involved in Reapportionment and Redistricting, ensuring Latino voices were heard throughout the process. In 12 of Colorado’s 35 Senate Districts and 24 of Colorado’s 65 House Districts, Latinos make up 20% or more of the total population.

Today, the CLF has become one of the most influential grassroots organizations focused on Latino issues and is poised to expand its membership statewide. The CLF is reaching out to Latinos and supportive individuals in communities and organizations throughout Colorado to become aware of and involved in public policy, increase voter mobilization, educate candidates, and build coalitions to ensure that more elected officials support Latino related issues.

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Supporter Profiles:

Joseph Salazar, Esq. CLF Concept Paper developer

Amber Tafoya CLF Supporter pueblochieftain.com

Nita Gonzales CLF Supporter whitehouse legacy champion

Sergio Gonzales CLF Supporter

 Colorado statistics 

Pew Research Hispanic Trends Project – Latinos in the 2012 Election: Colorado