Policy Value:

  • Latino communities value education and the opportunities to advance our children’s future through the power of education. Our education system should respect families as a student’s first teacher, thus providing adequate information to our students and their parents regarding their educational choices, from preschool through higher education. Quality education is not a privilege, but rather an important right that should be afforded to all children.

2014 Policy Platform

  • Support measures at primary and secondary levels to ensure postsecondary success, including access to concurrent enrollment, remediation, guaranteed admission, STEM opportunities and/or bilingual education programs

  • Implement the Colorado’s Constitution’s requirement that curricula be culturally accurate and include ethnic minorities’ contributions to Colorado history

  • Increase funding for Early Childhood Education and full-day kindergarten statewide

  • Support accreditation and oversight of for-profit education companies, ensuring transferability of credits, and regulating to prevent fraud and misrepresentation

  • Support English Language Learners through Dual Learner Language programs