Health & Human Services

Policy Value:

  • To ensure that Latinos are well served by our health care and human services systems, we must address the access to, delivery of, and quality of services, and explicitly address the challenges of providing adequate proactive and preventative services, as well as reactive treatment and services.

2014 Policy Platform

  • Implement the Affordable Care Act and the “Colorado Healthcare Exchange” to increase healthcare access for vulnerable populations

  • Develop culturally responsive navigation centers for the Colorado Healthcare Exchange, including a strategy for recruiting culturally responsive navigators

  • Increase funding for Latino-serving community-based organizations, direct service providers, and healthcare personnel

  • Allocate funding to community health centers who serve families regardless of immigration status

  • Increase access to basic emergency services, i.e. case management, food pantries, clothing, victims services, etc.

  • Implement school-based clinics to provide healthcare access for children and youth

  • Ensure access to comprehensive sex education in schools