Voting Rights and Access

Policy Value:

  • Engage Latinos in issues that impact everyday lives at all levels of government; and increase access and information of the voting process to ensure high Latino participation rates in all local, state and federal elections.

2014 Policy Platform

  • Oppose voter intimidation laws and increase voting access, particularly for communities of interest who have been targeted for disenfranchisement historically

  • Ensure equitable representation for Latino voters by not “cracking” (dispersing or diluting) or “packing” (concentrating into limited areas) Latino communities

  • Broaden voting education materials in Spanish to increase information and access to Latinos

  • Engage Latino youth in civic activities, including voter education in schools, to help prepare them to become active members in our democracy

  • Encourage culturally competent voter rights trainings for elections staff

  • Directly support or mentor Latinos to become future office holders